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1- Sector of Hotels Management

This sector includes a various package of hotel projects chosen carefully to be managed, operated and developed in line with the strategy followed in this sector within certain standards through which the performance of these hotels reached high levels of performance being greatly approved by the clients and specialists in this field. Alraya United is managing various hotels, resorts and service and trading block by its operational arm in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jadarah Hotel Company) and it is still continuous in development and possession of new hotel projects.

Jadarah Hotel Company

It is a specialized and leading company in the management, operation and development of hotels and considered as the operational arm of the group regarding hotel sector which includes -besides the management and operation of hotels- all things related to the hotel services, tourists activities, resorts, restaurants, cafes and supporting hotel services. Now it manages a group of hotels in Makkah and Medina and has a network of hotel services.


The hotels are divided into two key groups; hotels affiliated to the group and hotels being operated for others:
Hotels under the management of Jadarah company
Hotels affiliated to the group- hotels being operated for others.

Hotels run for others

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